Boat Numbers

Bespoke Numbers

This collection of numbers represents the more individual and hand-crafted numbers that I have come across in my wanderings in France and England. It does not include professionally made, customised house numbers but those that have been lovingly made as one-off designs. The technical and artistic skill involved in the making obviously varies considerably but […]

French Numbers

House numbers in France (when compared with those in England) tend to reflect the more subtle cultural and political differences between our two countries. Some towns and villages that I have visited in France have settled on a kind of ‘house style’ for their house numbers, to identify and celebrate the local community, what might […]

French Boat Numbers

A recent brief visit to France afforded me the opportunity to photograph some French Boat Registration Numbers to add to my meagre collection of two. That collection has now grown to twelve and will hopefully, in the coming months, expand further. For the current Gallery click here.