FLOORSCAPES: Lost & Found – I am sure that we are all, unfortunately, only too aware of the general litter and rubbish that defiles our streets, pavements, paths and hedgerows, in town and country – the ubiquitous fast food packaging, fag ends, cigarette packets, Coke cans, crisp packets, et al – but, as a self confessed ‘urban beachcomber’, I am sometimes surprised by the variety and unexpected nature of some of the items that I come across, abandoned on the floor, during my travels; a squashed jigsaw puzzle, a single long woollen sock, a child’s dummy, a squashed panda toy, or a single disposable glove with pointing finger, as in the examples here. In many instances there is clearly a story behind each of my finds, and a poignancy about some of the items lost, dropped, discarded or abandoned. Unlike the traditional beachcomber picking up interesting pieces of flotsam and jetsam left behind on the beach, after a high tide, I am quite understandably loathe to even touch any of the unusual items that I find on the ground, but am nevertheless attracted to photographing them in an attempt to understand their deeper meaning or significance, or simply to record their banality or incongruity. And hence this disparate array of floorscape photographs, more of which can be seen in my Floorscapes Gallery
Hedge End, October 2014 Fareham, November 2010 Fareham, April 2008 Bognor, April 2009 Chigwell, May 2012

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