Street Names – A Thematic Collection: Birds

NOTES: The birds referenced in this collection of street names are the chaffinch, condor, cormorant, crane, cuckoo and curlew, cygnet, duck, eagle, falcon and flamingo, goldcrest, gannet and goldfinch, goose and grebe, hawk and heron, kingfisher, linnet, magpie, partridge and peacock, peewit and pigeon, peregrine and pintail, plover, raven and robin, rook, seagull*, swan, teal and turkey, wagtail, widgeon and wren.

Still looking for Phoenix Avenue and Mockingbird Lane

*tTo all the pedants out there who think that seagulls are just gulls it might interest you to know the they have been called seagulls since the middle ages, even though they are just gulls and clearly do not live on the sea.

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