Street Names – A Thematic Collection: Currency

NOTES: Street names often reflect local history and this collection obviously relates to 'old' money. I suspect that the 'Pound' in Pound Road, Lane and Street (and especially Pound Gate Drive) is more likely to refer to an enclosure of some kind rather than a unit of money, but still happy to include them in this collection. Crown Street may well not be a reference to the old five shilling coin and Sovereign Crescent is possibly more likely to be a reference to the person than to the coin, but without other evidence they seem appropriate in this collection. Likewise 'Stirling' with this spelling is quite obviously a geographical reference rather than a monetary one, but will include it for now, until I come across a road with the appropriate spelling. It may be interesting to note that despite the 'low' value of some of the coinage referenced in this collection these are certainly not streets where one will find any so-called 'affordable' housing.

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