SANDSCAPES: I suspect we can all remember that childhood thrill of arriving at a sandy beach with all the play prospects that it offered; the desire to take shoes and socks off to get closer to experience the warm feel of the soft dry sand on the soles of one’s feet and skin. The sight of a sandy beach emerging from the grassy tufts that mark the transition from the land to that magical kingdom of sand before the sea, is still a thing of wonder for me. I am sure the allure of that province full of childhood promise never quite leaves us. Wet from the sea or dry from the sun, sand has no real equal as a material to conjure up those childhood memories of building castles and making footprints; of sieving sand through one’s fingers and burying limbs or imaginary treasure; of building up or digging down or simply drawing or writing messages in the sand. View my “Sandscapes Gallery” here

Cornwall---Day-3-015-ee Hayling Cornwall Cornwall Hayling

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