About me

I am a retired photography lecturer with a background in fine art practice and pedagogy. I am currently working on a number of photographic topographic projects but have very little experience of web design. My original training was in Fine Art painting, at Walthamstow and Newport colleges of art, but I have generally and increasingly gravitated towards the medium of photography. I have a keen interest in the History of Photography (and history in general) with my photographic heroes being Eugene Atget and Walker Evans. Since retiring I have also tried to find time to resurrect my painting skills.

For my intervening teaching career I trained in Brighton (PGCE), and subsequently did a Master’s Degree in Education with the Open University. I worked at three different secondary schools (two as Department Head) and a local Further Education college, all in Hampshire, in a career lasting 40 years, since when I have returned to concentrating more on my own work. I also taught art, pottery and photography in various adult education settings alongside the day job, earlier in my career, to help make ends meet. Through much of my career I also worked as an examiner/moderator at GCSE and ‘A’ Level.

More of my photographic and other work can be seen here on Flickr

Keeping it in the family

You might be interested in the following link to my son’s website –  

http://jonmills.co.uk/ (my man to turn to for everything photographic & IT) My son is Picture Editor at SWNS and has worked as an award-winning newspaper photographer, with his work being published in various international, national and local newspapers and publications.


If you wish to contact me, my e-mail address is –