Breton Shutter Dogs

Quite pleased to have finally got this e-book thingy to work on my website. Had a printed version made by PhotoBox and again was quite pleased with the result.  

More Number Galleries

The Number Galleries just keep coming on my website – First, as an extension of my “Numbers in Colour“, there is a gallery of “Numbers in Pastel Shades“, then a gallery of “Numbers in Tertiary Colours“, and “Numbers in Monochrome“, and then a gallery of “Numbers in Words“, and meanwhile various others of my existing Number Galleries […]

More Numbers

Another new sub-set of my Numbers Collection – I have recently added yet another collection of number photographs to my website – this time the link for the collection is Colour. I am still on the lookout for more interesting examples but was pleased to have found enough examples, in my overall collection, to make this Gallery […]

Added to collection

An expanding collection: Still celebrating World Photography day (19th August) I visited Portsmouth Harbour yesterday afternoon and made significant additions to my on-going collection of Fishing Boat Registration Numbers – interesting to see the number and range of ports represented there (from North Shields to Newhaven) – the recent heatwave continued unabated during the day […]

Numbers on gates

Numbers on gates: Still celebrating World Photography Day (19th to 25th August) with another ‘new’ collection of photographed numbers on my website – these numbers are linked by being on gates. There are some conscious repeats and some notable omissions, in this collection, which is arranged randomly this time, rather than in sequence. There are many that […]

A new collection

Breton Shutter Dogs: Breton in style and name but found all over northern France. These little hinged beauties are made from cast iron or brass and are used to hold back traditional opened window shutters. In the design of a traditional Breton ‘shepherdess’ (or sailor) they can take various forms, depending on the particular manufacturer, […]

Another on-going collection

French Carousels and Gallopers –