Signs of Colour

SIGNS OF COLOUR: I have recently added many more images to my “Signs of Colour” Galleries which have links to four slideshows on the same theme. The “Signs of Colour” Gallery is a random collection of signs or images, with somewhat mixed messages, in which colour plays a larger, or smaller, part, making the visual equivalent of the saying “it’s not a question of what you say, but rather the way that you say it”. Colour clearly has a significant rôle to play in non-verbal, visual communication, but there are clearly times when we get it wrong. Our world is confusing enough as it is without the addition of visual and verbal illiteracy. Missed and misplaced apostrophes abound here, along with graphic ‘faux pas’, unintended juxtapositions, and ambiguous meanings to confuse the innocent bystander. Over the years I have found myself drawn to the irony, contradictions and/or pathos of these images (or is it bathos), as if they were somehow a metaphor for life itself, and our inability to communicate effectively with each other. Click on one of the images below to view the main “Signs of Colour” Galleries and follow the links for more galleries.

France Winchester-'10-(Oct) Wickham - January 2009 St Ives, Cornwall Segensworth, Fareham - May 2009

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